I’ve been writing under various pen names since 2012. During that time, I began to study writing intensively because my first novels sucked. I’m not talking just one or two. I’m saying I had to leave behind multiple pen names because as I learned, I recognized the massively flawed stories I’d written. Two dimensional characters. Pacing problems. Ridiculous scenarios. Purple prose. Drastically poor storytelling. You name it, I did it. Ugh!

I’m telling you this because I’ve learned from my mistakes. I have a Masters in Liberal Studies and I’m earning a Masters Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. I’ve taught sold out classes on story building, plotting, creating compelling characters, and more. I’m here to make your story better.

My specialties are: Paranormal romance, contemporary romance, LGBTQ romance, science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and urban fantasy, contemporary fiction.

e-mail me: em (a) emstevenswrites.com if you have questions or wish to book my services.

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