Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I don’t know if you’ll call me good company after this, and editing feels like the longest journey ever sometimes. But I hope you’ll feel better, stronger, and more confident in your manuscript after we’re through working together.

Package one ($100):

    Standard Read. I’ll read your novel and tell you major inconsistencies, areas it falls flat, places you’ve done well, and whether you have a satisfying ending. Includes one page of notes, but this is just for an overall reader impression regarding flow and, if you’re interested, marketability. I won’t blow smoke up your tuckus. Choose this if you want an unbiased opinion on how “good” your novel is compared to what’s on the market already in your category.

Package two ($150):

A full developmental read. You’ll receive a 3-5 page report detailing what works or doesn’t work on your characters, their arcs, your plot. I’ll cover beginning, middle, and end pacing. This is good if you need a better idea of how cohesive your novel is and what you may still need to work on to improve marketability, but feel confident in your story and characters.


Package three (varying):

A full developmental edit. I’ll double check your timeline. I’ll find where your characters fall flat. I’ll tell you when something needs more investigation, deeper emotional probing. I’ll also tell you what to cut, when you’re boring, when it doesn’t make sense. I will tear your shit apart, but I’ll do it nicely. You know how flesh is: you injure it and it might hurt, but the skin will knit itself back together, the scar stronger and more memorable than what was there before. Maybe that’s not a great analogy–but a detailed dissection of your novel can better it. I do this in google docs so you can see, line by line, places I’ve made suggestions.

    •           40,000-50,000 words: $299
    •           51,000-60,000 words: $349
    •           61,000-70,000 words: $399
    •           71,000-80,000 words: $449
    •           81,000-90,000 words: $499
    •           91,000-100,000 words: $549

    More than 100,000? Write me to discuss.


    Package four, also known as the “You’re a damned masochist, aren’t you?” package ($650):

    You’ll get two  read-throughs. I’ll start with the heavy developmental edit. You’ll fix what you want to fix and resubmit to me. I’ll go back over it with a fine tooth comb and either comment some more (expect the 3-5 page final comments) and I’ll proofread it. Woooo!

email me at em (at)


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